Repeat Sequence

by Glazer

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released September 27, 2016

Recorded @ In The West - New Brunswick, NJ



all rights reserved


Glazer New Brunswick, New Jersey


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Track Name: Sleep The World
they ride through distant lands
greeting creatures with a hand.
meet them, eat them, be them.
they are no longer man.
they are animals.
they scream as they tear apart the skin.
when teeth become a greater weapon than the knife
and their only sustenance is life.
there's no keeping time
and the body burns as per the sick design.
can't wait for it, to let you go outside.
they've done away with any place to hide.
now they're low on patience
and cant help it if you cant run away.
but you can stay and join the parade
and masquerade with people's faces.
Track Name: Structured Lifestyle
routine mornings breed boring afternoons
stupid nightlife and weekends that i could stand to lose
sign me in cause i'm checking out
i cant sleep here
it's too hot and there's no room
for me and all the things i'm supposed to do.
bail me out with poison foods
structured lifestyle
Track Name: The Cosmic Truth
a snake stuck in a spider web
the more he fights, the tighter it gets
sinking venom into his veins
he feels the pain
faked death to get away day by day
A whisper in my ear
a cosmic truth
Track Name: Repeat Sequence
*crickets* *vvvrroooom*